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Angie Hart Admirers' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Angie Hart Admirers

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National Tour! [18 Feb 2008|10:39am]

Thur 28th Feb: Lizottes, Central Coast
Tickets from the Venue: (02) 4368 2017

Fri 29th Feb The Basement, Sydney
Tickets from the Venue: (02) 9251 2797
Ticketek: 132 849 www.ticketek.com.au

Sat 1st March Brass Monkey, Cronulla
Tickets from Venue: (02) 9544 3844

Thur 6th March Bennetts Lane, Melbourne
Tickets from www.moshtix.com.au Phone: 1300 438 849

Fri 7th March Theatre Royal, Castlemaine
Venue: (03) 5472 1196

Sat 8th & Sun 9th March Port Fairy Folk Festival
Tickets from www.portfairyfolkfestival.com.au Phone: 03 5568 2227

Fri 14th March The J, Sunshine Coast
Tickets from www.thej.com.au Venue: (07) 5455 4455

Sat 15th March Troubadour, Brisbane
Tickets from Oztix – 1300 762 545 www.troubadour.oztix.com.au
Rocking Horse – (07) 3229 5360 Skinnys – (07) 3229 2389

Fri 28th March Wheatsheaf Hotel – Adelaide
Tickets from Venue: (08) 8443 4546

Sat 29th March Norfolk Hotel, Fremantle
Tickets from “www.moshtix.com.au“http://www.moshtix.com.au Phone: 1300 438 849

Sun 30th March Paddington Alehouse, Mt Hawthorn, Perth
Tickets from www.moshtix.com.au Phone: 1300 438 849

Check Angie's Site out for more info!
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Tour dates and Cold Heart Killer video [28 Aug 2007|09:46am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Angie will be touring Australia in October, supporting her upcoming album, Grounded Birds. If you’re living in Oz, you won’t want to miss these shows!

Tickets for all shows go on sale Thursday, August 23rd. Support will be announced in the coming weeks.

Fri 5th -The Factory (Sydney)
Moshtix – (02) 9209 4614

Fri 12th -The Zoo (Brisbane)
www.oztix.com.au – 1300 762 545
Rocking Horse – (07) 3229 5360
Skinnys – (07) 3229 2389
Mosh Pit Music – (07) 5479 2777
Sunflower – (07) 5538 1850
Butterbeats City – (07) 3220 0005
Butterbeats Valley – (07) 3257 3257
Music Mania – (07) 5591 1665

Sat 13th -Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide)
Venue – (08) 8443 4546

Sun 14th -Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide)
Venue – (08) 8443 4546

Thur 18th Toff In Town (Melbourne) Cap: 300
Corner Box Office – (03) 9427 9198
Polyester Records – (03) 9417 5137
Metropolis Books – (03) 9663 2015

Fri 19th Toff In Town (Melbourne) Cap: 300
Corner Box Office – (03) 9427 9198
Polyester Records- (03) 9417 5137
Metropolis Books – (03) 9663 2015

source: angie-hart.com

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Get excited people!!! [18 Jul 2007|08:58pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Angie's debut album is being released on September 22nd in Australia and NZ! The album will be titled "Grounded Bird" and Angie is set to be preceded by the first single "Cold Heart Killer".

Read more at Ange's official site...

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boo! [22 Feb 2007|08:52pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi guys,

It's been far too long and there has been much going on in the world of Angie that i have failed to report or share- i apologise!

Just noticed a video of a track Angie did (beautiful) vocals on for GB3 at Angie's site. Check it out!

Also, some new videos on Youtube.com can be found here :)

Check out Angie's site for a recent blog too.

Anyone manage to catch any of her gigs recently? Report back if you have. I must make sure to be at the next one!!


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any splendid? [28 Jul 2006|12:45am]

i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to upload any tracks off of splendid's have you got a name for it album [aside from charge].

i've been looking for it forever but it's so hard to come by & i'm dying to hear it - i have been since angie was on the buffy the vampire slayer soundtrack and i bought all her frente! albums.

i have all the songs she's got on her website and i bought states of awake a few weeks ago and love it more than kittens, i'm just desperate to hear "have you got a name for it".

thanks in advance!

p.s. - how freaking amazing is frente's hounds of love cover? my mom's favourite musician was kate bush, so i've been listening to her since i was about three years old and adore the woman but i must say, i'm even more partial to frente's version.
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From Fasterlouder.com.au [06 Jul 2006|10:36am]

Angie is all H[e]art
Reported by: Saeed - Monday, Jul 03, 2006. 16:28

Remember Frente? That band with that ‘Kelly Street’ song that was so damned catchy that it was ingrained in the nation's psyche in the summer of ’92? After a quick survey of friends each reaction was similar, in that their faces would curl up into a big smile as they recalled how that song, with its sun kissed harmonies and mood of deep optimism, sound tracked a particular moment of their lives. “That song reminds of me of grade 4” said one friend while another declared that “Angie Hart was my first rock crush!”

Don’t mention that to Angie Hart though, as the singer and co-writer of that song still looks at her former band’s albatross with a hint of disdain and self loathing. “I still have a lot of trouble with that song” she confesses on the phone as she is out babysitting her nephews. “And you know, I never thought I would be like that 'cause I look at other artists and I think that it’s terrible to do a live show and not play the songs that fans would like to hear. And now I'm completely about faced because I never play that song. I've got a little learning and growing up to do and some forgiveness of myself for that to happen.”

Hart is in a reflective mood as she details where she has been for the best part of last decade. After the collapse of Frente and of her relationship with boyfriend and fellow band member Simon Austin, Hart decided to pack up her bags and disappear from the nation’s conscious to live in LA with US session guitarist Jess Tobias. Together they established not only a new musical group called Splendid but a deeper union as they also married in 1996.

Unfortunately events took a familiar turn for Hart as her marriage ended in divorce and she decided to remain alone in LA to make sense of it all. “After my husband and I split up, I wanted to stay in LA for a little bit longer and just kind of experience it on my own and understand why I wanted to be there”. To compound the distress, Splendid failed to capitalize on fan anticipation by failing to release their debut album, ‘Have You Got a Name for It?’, internationally due to the record company they were releasing upon folding. The disappointment proved to be too much for Hart as she withdrew from music to enter a world that was quite unusual to her: A 9-5 job at a jewelry store.

Hart characteristically gives a nervous laugh when questioned about this decision. She counters the view that everyone has dreams of being in a band or on tour by stating that as a muso “you dream of having a regular wage and dream of having someone telling you what to do with your day instead of having to be self motivated every single minute of your life”. But Hart quickly adds that her experience in the work force rekindled her love for music and gave her an understanding on why most people are too afraid to enter the financially
and emotionally unpredictable world of a musician. “It’s a very frightening thing to do, to just quit your job and put your faith in the fact that your craft is gonna provide.”

Hart is now experiencing a struggle of not whether her craft can sustain her, she is questioning her craft itself. A marked contrast to the last time she spoke to the media about recording her debut solo album. “I remember the last set of press that I did, when I was talking about how it was full of ease and how everything was happening for a reason. Since then it’s been difficult… I think I’m just really being forced into a place of not compromising. Part of me just thinks that I should just hurry up and get it done and I think that’s not gonna happen until everything is the way its supposed to be. So there have been a few hold ups and it has been trying and I think it’s gonna be great as a result!”

While the album is not set to hit the stores until next year, people can still catch a glimpse of Hart and hear some of the new material as she is about to embark on a series of intimate solo gigs. Hart is looking forward to these introductory shows despite this being her fourth time around the block touring as a new artist. She admits that the nerves are still there but it is now tempered with a sense of wisdom. “You start with two people and you work up to 200 again. It’s been fun and I totally get it now. You know, its more rewarding instead of turning up and having a ready made audience.”

With that comment Hart alludes that she was not particularly comfortable performing in front of Frente fans. When the band reformed for a rare series of shows last year the crowds left an uneasy impression upon the lead singer. “When we did the Frente shows it was a totally different audience. It was the Frente audience and I find them scary.” Hart is asked to elaborate on this. “There is just a bit more of an excitement that is not so grounded.”

Despite all the personal and musical setbacks that she has experienced Hart remains resilient and believes that although she harbors some regrets, she believes things are now taking shape at precisely the right time. “I do feel sad that I have not being able to be more open with myself and to just get out and give it a shot. But I am now and it’s the right time. It was exactly the path that it had to be and I’ve killed so many demons with getting so many opportunities to go in and see what it’s all about.”

With shows slated for Melbourne and Sydney this month, its now our turn to see what Angie Hart is all about.

Tour dates:
Thursday July 13 - with special guest d.rogers
Northcote Social Club

Thursday July 20 - With special guest Ned Collette
The Vanguard, Newtown

source: http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/features/5080/
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Upcoming shows! [05 Jun 2006|11:34pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Yeay! Read this article from Angie's site and do cartwheels:

Thursday June 22nd – The Spanish Club, Fitzroy (MELBOURNE)
Plug into Life Support benefit show.
Featuring Angie Hart and many others… Even, Gersey, The Guttersnipes etc.

Thursday July 13th – Northcote Social Club, Northcote (MELBOURNE)
Angie Hart headline show….
Details TBC

Thursday July 20th – the Vanguard, Newtown (SYDNEY)
Angie Hart headline show…
Details TBC

source: http://angie-hart.com/news/140/upcoming-angie-gigs

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sandringham update [22 Feb 2006|01:42pm]

sandringham picsCollapse )
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[21 Feb 2006|02:03pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hey guys!

just some more photo updates as they're uploaded. enjoy, and feel free to comment :)

(again, some of them are big so please be patient)

more hoi goodnessCollapse )

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[20 Feb 2006|01:48pm]

photo update time coming soon...

in the meantime, here's two pics from the wollongong show. they're not fab as i haven't edited (work computer has no editing software) but they're a little taste, at least.

imo, the sando was the best - it was intense, it was merry, it was gorgeous.

picsCollapse )
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angie in print [18 Feb 2006|04:09pm]


When Angie met Dean

February 17, 2006, The Age newspaper

Angie Hart has found a new freedom to perform in Holidays on Ice, writes Michael Dwyer.

Angie Hart is a changed woman. The last Melbourne show by Holidays On Ice ended with her climbing on a table in the audience and belting the bejesus out of a suspended papier-mache animal with a broom.

To say the least, she cut a far more volatile figure than the petrified ingenue of her Frente days.

"Holidays On Ice have come up with some great foils for me to get over my stage fright and that would be one of them," she explains. "Often I don't get nervous before I go on, then three songs into the set I'm like 'What the hell am I doing?' "

Dean Manning appears mildly surprised by it all. The former guitarist and songwriter with Leonardo's Bride sees his new band's colourful presentation more in terms of theatre than therapy.

"I really liked having Kira the hula-hoop bunny along," he reminisces fondly. He means Kira Hula-la-la, a professional hoop artiste they found in some obscure burlesque show and invited on tour. "The fur bikini is a nice touch, isn't it?"

Yes it is, but it's perhaps worth remembering that Holidays On Ice also play music, albeit of a charming and lustrous kind well suited to such childlike parlour games.

Their homemade record, Playing Girlfriends and Boyfriends, drips with the simple joy of a serendipitous meeting. Manning had never met Hart when he finished the first version in his inner-Sydney house. But he knew something was missing so he made a few calls.

"If people ask me to go and sing for a day, I'll always say yes," Hart says.

the rest this way...Collapse )
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2005 pics.... [10 Feb 2006|01:15pm]

hi guys

to tide us over until the sydney shows next week, below the cut are pics of ang from the 05 hoi shows, and some from her solo show. i have loads more that i haven't photobucketed, if you're interested let me know.

the photography itself isn't stellar - i've become a lot better since then and have a new whizzbang camera, so hopefully the new shots will be better :)

(warning - some of them might be normal sized so dialup may take a while to load)

renee :)

angie goodnessCollapse )
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Video time [09 Feb 2006|10:42am]

Sime Nugent has made a video for "Into The Trees", his duet with Angie. If you go to http://www.simenugent.com you can download it & check out our Ang's special appearance.

this news item brought to you by the letter F, for Frente Forum
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Holidays On Ice tour dates/instores [07 Feb 2006|01:03pm]

[ mood | excited ]

australia 06


friday 10
chophouse, gold coast, queensland

saturday 11
skinny's music, brisbane, queensland
instore - 1pm. 85 elizabeth street

sunday 12
troubadour, brisbane, queensland
special guest - tylea

wednesday 15
oxford tavern, wollongong, n.s.w.
special guest - jodi phillis

thursday 16
jb hi-fi, sydney, n.s.w.
instore - 6 pm. george street, city

friday 17
sandringham hotel, newtown, n.s.w.
special guest - jodi phillis

saturday 18
brass monkey, cronulla, n.s.w.
special guest - peter fenton

sunday 19
grace emily, adelaide, south australia.
special guest - leigh stardust

thursday 23
jb hi-fi, melbourne, victoria.
instore - 1 pm, bourke st, city

thursday 23
spanish club, melbourne, victoria.
special guests - via tania, the wellingtons & the triangles


tuesday 7
beach road hotel, sydney, n.s.w.
special guest - jackshit


saturday 15
the great escape, sydney, n.s.w.
visit www.thegreatescape.net.au .... for details

And in other news Angie now has a myspace page: www.myspace.com/angiehart

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Angie's blog [10 Dec 2005|09:18pm]

Angie has a blog on her website. It's a lovely read, so check it out when you get the chance :)
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simply splendid [28 Oct 2005|02:39pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Angie signed a copy of the first Splendid cd for me the first time i saw her play a solo show at the Rob Roy a few years ago. I love what she has written :)

...Collapse )

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[17 Oct 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello and welcome to the livejournal Angie Hart community.

Here are some photos from the show Angie did last night with some other fine songstresses!

run run run run run run honey, run from the hounds of loveCollapse )

Well, post away and remember to keep it Angie related please :)

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